Photos from TROLL, many of these are compliments of Nikon Ken: Canals of Copenhagen. Shopping in Alesund, Norway because of the missing bag. We did receive our bag in Longyearbyen. Great waffles in Trondheim, Norway. Sheila, Barbara, Tim, Ngaire, Ralph, June, & Ken. Ralph & June on the old bridge in Trondheim. Keene Luxury Travel Cocktail Party.

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Nov 12, 2019 · The internet troll is a modern version of the mythological version. They hide behind their computer screens, and actively go out of their way to cause trouble on the internet. Like the mythological troll, the internet troll is angry and disruptive in every possible way — often for no real reason at all. Troll definition is - a dwarf or giant in Scandinavian folklore inhabiting caves or hills. How to use troll in a sentence. Jan 11, 2011 · There are some very important components to being a great forum troll and you must embody them all if you want to be truly effective. It's very important to be a poor speller. I can't stress this one enough. It's against the troll code of conduct to spell words correctly, so proper spelling will

A forum troll is someone who actively watches a forum. Not to be confused with a lurker, or just a forum frequenter, the troll annoys, pesters, and generally insults any thread they open.

Sep 09, 2018 · Forum_Troll replied to SlartiBartFastE2's topic in General Game Discussion The problem is that DD's turned into gun botes, but never got their citadel back to pay for it. There was a time, when DDs had a citadel. Group: Forum Members Last Active: 2 days ago Posts: That was even more terrifying than what you'd normally associate with a troll. This is a silent signature The "Trollslum" MS Paint Adventures Forum topic is a thread for the posting of roleplaying and images of fan-created Alternian "troll" characters. And this is a wiki for collecting all the information. All of it. Be sure to read the rules here! Check out the trolls here. Check out the most popular pages here.