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Set VPN domain hi, I am having troubles with my VPN connection. I followed the same steps as in Windows 7, the only problem is that it seems I cannot enter the domain in any of the steps, plus when I want to connect to VPN I can enter my Username and Password but the Domain textbox seems to be non existing. The VPN connection failed due to unsuccessful domain name resolution. Solution. Firstly, (and obviously) the name you are typing in the AnyConnect window can be resolved can’t it? If not then you might want to consider some employment that does not involve computers. Secondly (this is what usually trips me up) did you copy and paste the name? Jul 20, 2016 · Computer is now part of the domain. After restart computer is a part of domain infrastructure, but we are unable to login using domain account. VPN connection isn’t established and communication with Domain Controller isn’t possible. To solve this issue, log in using local account, establish VPN connection and then use Switch user option.

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