How to stream videos to PS3 via Wondershare Media Server. Step 1. Connect PC and PS3 on same network. Before we go for further details there is one important thing that you should make sure that your PS3 and PC are located in the same network, so that Wondershare Video Converter can automatically detect your devices. Step 2.

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Mar 17, 2016 Streaming Media from a PC to a PS3 using Windows Media Simply browse through this option on the PS3 to find all your media. Windows Media Player can now be closed and your PS3 will continue to stream the media. But don't turn off your computer. If you do want to turn off your computer you can always copy the media to the PS3's hard drive. Simply find the file on your PS3, click Triangle and press copy. PS3 Media Server - Streaming Video Files From your PC

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May 12, 2008 · PlayStation 3 ships with either a 40 or 80 GB drive. That's plenty of storage for games and could suffice for basic computing. But upgrading the hard drive on the PS3 is remarkably easy, so we saw Apr 15, 2010 · When your PS3 turns on and scans, Windows will pop up and ask if it's ok to allow the device. Allow it. Also, Windows Media Player does not have to be open for media sharing to function. The computer and PS3 only need to be connected to the same router. The router should be UPnP enabled (Universal Plug-n-Play). Yes. To do this you will need three things. One a PC capable of streaming A PS3(Duh) with and hdmi cord, and a streaming service called obs. Simply turn on the ps3 with obs running select display capture and select the ps3 then go to twitch enter The folks over at Sony gave a little teaser of what could be, introducing Playstation Now at this year's CES event in Las Vegas. According to the PlayStation blog, PlayStation Now will function as a streaming game service. "With PlayStation Now, you will be able to stream popular hits and classic games from the PS3 library, first on PS4 and PS3 systems, followed by PS Vita." Method 3: Stream media to PS3 via PS3 Media Server After the inconsistent results I experienced with Windows Media Player, I found my way to a piece of software called ‘ PS3 Media Server ‘. If you’re using Windows, just visit their site, click on the Windows logo, and then click pms-setup-windows.exe (there will be a number there too Using my Surface 2, I am attempting to stream music / video via my ps3 to my TV / entertainment system. I have the playto app. When I click on devices, my printer and desktop show up but no PS3. I attempt to add a device and my surface searches but finds nothing. My ps3 is turned on and on the network. Its also been updated to the latest.