Use sudo with specific limitations on lp to do that. Or perhaps a developer needs access to 1 specific log file. Don't give her generic sudo - provide limited sudo that shows only the logfile or a grep of the log file. Also, sudo can be setup to prevent those using an editor from shelling out …

Right click in the file manager, navigate to Actions, and click Open Terminal Here to open the terminal in the current location. Run the following command to install Zoom. sudo zypper remove zoom Oracle Linux, CentOS, RedHat, or Fedora Using a graphical installer (Fedora only) 7 UNIX / Linux sudo Command Examples to Execute root Command Basic Usage. In the following example, sysadmin has allowed user john to restart apache server. … What is SUDO in Linux (Superuser do) - ScrewLinux | Let's

Apr 29, 2020

Run sudo -ll to print out the current sudo configuration, or sudo -lU user for a specific user. Using visudo. The configuration file for sudo is /etc/sudoers. It should always be edited with the visudo(8) command. visudo locks the sudoers file, saves edits to a temporary file, and checks that file's grammar before copying it to /etc/sudoers. How to open a file with "sudo"? - Ask Ubuntu Use sudo for command line programs (like nano), but use gksu or gksudo for GUI programs, which often use configuration files in the home directory. If you use plain sudo, the root user can take ownership or your user ID's configuration files and the program used that way will stop working (unless you continue using sudo).An alternative to gksu and gksudo is sudo -H – sudodus May 6 '17 at 17:49 How to Use Sudo and the Sudoers File

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Configuring the linux Sudoers file - Jan 15, 2011 Take Control of your Linux | sudoers file: How to with The sudoers file located at: /etc/sudoers, contains the rules that users must follow when using the sudo command. If you have ever used used Ubuntu, you know that the root account is disabled. This is because the root password is not set in Ubuntu, you can assign one and use it as with every other Linux … Why and How to Edit Your Sudoers File in Linux - Make Tech Aug 06, 2018