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AskF5 | Manual Chapter: Creating a Secure VPN Tunnel with PPTP The point-to-point tunneling protocol (PPTP) profile enables you to configure the BIG-IP ® system to support a secure virtual private network (VPN) tunnel that forwards PPTP control and data connections. You can create a secure VPN tunnel by configuring a PPTP … VPN Configuration - Aruba VPN Configuration. The VPN configuration functionality enables the IAP to create a single VPN tunnel from the Virtual Controller to a Aruba Mobility Controller in your corporate office. Here, the VPN tunnels from the Instant APs terminate on the Aruba Mobility Controller.The controller solely acts as a VPN end-point and does not supply the Instant AP with any configuration. White Paper Cisco Meraki Auto VPN The VPN tunnel is established. The Cisco Meraki cloud already knows VLAN and subnet information for each MX, and now, the IP addresses to use for tunnel creation. The dashboard and MXs establish two 16-character pre-shared keys (one per direction) and create a 128-bit AES-CBC tunnel. Meraki Auto VPN leverages elements of modern IPSec (IKEv2, Diffe-

Click on the Configure OSPF button on the Tunnel Interface (it will have the name of the VPN followed by VPN). Enter information in the OSPFv2 Configuration window. The OSPF Router ID must be a unique IP address in your network. Click on OK to save the settings.

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VPN Interface Ethernet - Viptela Documentation Click the Service VPN tab located directly beneath the Description field, or scroll to the Service VPN section. Click the Service VPN drop-down. Under Additional VPN templates, located to the right of the screen, click VPN Interface. From the VPN Interface drop-down, click Create Template. The VPN Interface Ethernet template form is displayed. Understanding VPN IPSec Tunnel Mode and IPSec Transport Another example of tunnel mode is an IPSec tunnel between a Cisco VPN Client and an IPSec Gateway (e.g ASA5510 or PIX Firewall). The client connects to the IPSec Gateway. Traffic from the client is encrypted, encapsulated inside a new IP packet and sent to the other end. Crosscloud VPN with Wireguard - Packet Guides