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YouTube Ban || YouTube has been blocked in Pakistan !!!!! Thanks to Imran Khan, Chief JustšŸ˜”šŸ˜”šŸ˜” #youtubeban#banpakistan Follow Instagram https://www.instagram. This is what happened with YouTube, which Pakistan's government ordered blocked because of offensive material, apparently a video depicting the cartoons about Muhammad that had been posted in a Aug 07, 2013 Ā· But YouTube is still blocked in Pakistan. Google has diverse presences in other Web-censoring countries. In China and Iran, where censorship is the norm, YouTube is completely blocked, but in YouTube still blocked in Pakistan: PTA MomentĀ­ary spark for internĀ­et users as site became accessĀ­ible before returnĀ­ing to the darkenĀ­ed, non-compliĀ­ant screenĀ­s. By Web Desk Jan 18, 2016 Ā· YouTube was blocked in Pakistan in 2012 after the posting of an inflammatory video, Innocence of Muslims, sparked violent protests across the Muslim world.

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ISLAMABAD: YouTube will remain blocked 'indefinitely' in Pakistan, a government official said Saturday as experts failed to find a way to filter content deemed offensive and blasphemous.

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Oct 03, 2012 YouTube blocked in Pakistan - Telegraph May 20, 2010 Pakistan lifts YouTube ban after three years Jan 18, 2016