Active Vintage Websites, Old Webpages, and Web 1.0 404PageFound - Nostalgic for old websites? 404PageFound showcases old websites that still exist. Dozens of Internet sites have not been updated for years and now serve a historical purpose.

Jul 03, 2018 · Google announced earlier this year that the Chrome browser would eventually clearly label sites that are still on HTTP instead of HTTPS. The change rolls out today in the latest version of Chrome Jan 16, 2020 · I do a lot of work on a Windows 7 desktop PC that is about five years old. I’m a widow and can’t afford to run out and get a new PC at this time, or pay for Windows 10. Oct 08, 2017 · It can be a real trip to check them out and feel the retro waves of nostalgia wash over you, and sometimes, it is the internet’s version of a haunted house. An old, decrepit site still standing, and no one can quite figure out why. Here are 7 great examples of such websites. Space Jam Jul 13, 2018 · 21 Websites That All '00s Kids Used To Be Completely Obsessed With. DeviantArt was and still is the place to be if you're a budding artist. Here you could post your craft, get feedback, and

May 11, 2018 · Take a walk down memory lane on these websites you won’t believe still exist! From Netscape, to The Washington Post’s 1996 “Year in Review”, to Heaven’s Gate, these websites range from

Aug 06, 2015 · Status: Still in operation. A lot of the precursers to social networking as we know it today involved trying to build an actual, albeit digital, world. The Finland-based Habbo Hotel was one of To start that journey we’re looking at 20 old MMORPGs that you can still play today. Video games have always been known for their innovation, but the introduction of Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games changed the course of gaming forever, and we will never forget some of the old giants that launched us into the fantasy worlds of Jan 15, 2014 · Relive the 1990s with these ancient, still-functioning websites Get a healthy dose of nostalgia with these Seinfeld-era websites that time could not kill. By Evan Dashevsky , Staff Writer, TechHive May 18, 2018 · Nonetheless, it helped me kill my free time and enjoy the weirdness. Thus, I visited many other such sites and made a list of weird websites you won’t believe exist. List of weird websites that exists. You’ll definitely not believe it, like how can anyone invest in weird websites! Here is the list:

Mar 18, 2016 · If you’re ready, prepare your world-wide-web spelunking gear because we’re diving deep into the past. From the oldest continuously operating webcam to a 20 year old presidential campaign, you won’t believe that these websites still exist. 1. The San Francisco Fog Cam (1994)

Nov 05, 2013 · We had a class where we went to the computer lab and played on this website in French. There were bipedal animal characters but like anthropomorphic I think Is the word. The website was like a hedge and there were doors you could open to go to different animals rooms or spots. (I can still hear the doors opening when you drag your mouse across Aug 14, 2019 · It’s 2019, but some businesses and government agencies still have old websites that don’t function correctly in new web browsers. Windows 10 still includes Internet Explorer 11 and Microsoft has committed to supporting it with security updates. We recommend avoiding Internet Explorer when possible. It’s old and outdated. Between media, apps and ebooks, the older iPad is still an iPad and if you happen to drop it on a rocky slope, well, you still have the newer one back home. On a recent trip, I used my old iPad as Feb 10, 2012 · Websites on blocked list are still accessable! Question Summary Other Windows Live Family Safety issues Which version of Windows Live Family Safety are you using ? Version 2011 (15.4.3502.922) Choose your Operating System version : Windows 7 Additional Details An adult website that is ON the blocked list (and has been on it for some time) is However — when I open a browser (from any computer) and go to the https site it is still using the old certificate. Even when I remove the old certificate from the browser it still gets sent the old one and not the new one. Can anyone help me work out where I'm going wrong? How can I exorcize the old phantom certificate?